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PVE 2316 Vibrator

Hydraulic vibrators have wide applications for driving all steel pile sections particularly in non-cohesive soils. Vibrators are also efficient pile extractors. Sheet piles can be installed conventionally that is to say using panel-driving techniques, which is considered best practice for sheet pile installation.

High Frequency vibrators have proceeded to replace low frequency vibrators for city centre applications due to the intrinsically less damaging nature of the resultant vibrations.

The latest innovation in vibratory equipment is the Variable Moment vibrator that allows the machine to accelerate to maximum speed before the vibrating action begins. Vibration is also disabled before the machine stops. The benefit is that no low frequency vibrations are generated at any time during the operating cycle, making the unit particularly suitable for use close to highly sensitive structures or services.

Typical noise level at 15m – 75dBA
(Pneumatic Hammer – 105dBA)

  • Quiet in operation
  • Low in ground borne vibrations
  • High outputs
  • Low costs
  • Leader trench of only 500m required
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