Walter Lilly & Co Ltd

Fussey Piling Limited


Temporary sheet piled retaining wall

PU22-1mm and PU22+1mm in lengths 9.0m to 11.0m

Ground Conditions
River Terrace Deposits to a depth of 3m, over Bagshot Beds

£90,000 approx

The project involved the demolition of existing structures at the site and the construction of a new residential property, including a basement. Fussey Piling were appointed by Walter Lilly & Co Ltd to design, install and later extract two retaining walls, including temporary propping, to facilitate the construction of the basement. Our contract was worth approximately £90,000.

The ground conditions encountered were River Terrace Deposits to a depth of 3m, over Bagshot Beds (Firm to Stiff clays with dense sands).

Fussey Piling first pre-augured the ground using a Bauer RTG RG 16T Telescopic Leader Rig fitted with a MB50 Auger Motor. This process loosened the densest of the sands, alleviating the risk of the piles refusing in the dense granular soils.

The sections used varied between 9.0m PU22-1mm to 11.0m PU22+1mm piles grade S355GP, retaining a maximum height of 4.5m. The sections were installed using the RTG rig which uses a variable moment high frequency vibrator to vibrate the piles to the level required.

At a later date the piles were extracted using Kowan WP150 Stillworker.