Fussey Piling Steel Sheet Pile Installation HPH 1200
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HPH 1200

Hydraulic Drop Hammers have replaced Diesel and Pneumatic Hammers for driving all steel pile sections particularly in cohesive soils or very dense non-cohesive soils. Sheet piles can be installed conventionally that is to say using panel-driving techniques, which are considered to be best practice for achieving tight tolerances and for driving piles to level through difficult ground conditions with less pile head damage.

The DCP range of hammers combine the high energy outputs of larger hammers with compact size, low weight and an ability to drive most sections in singles or pairs with standard legs and inserts.

Typical noise level at 15m – 90dBA
(Pneumatic Hammer – 105dBA)

Conventional Piling Menu

High energy input to pile
Lost cost due to high outputs
Reliable, no electrics on hammer
Lower noise levels than Diesel or Air Hammers
Vibration can be comparable to Vibrating Hammer