Silent and Vibration Free Piling Rig for Sheet Piling
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Silent & Vibration-Free Piling

Fussey Piling own and operate the latest technology in virtually silent and vibration-free sheet pile installation. Using our Kowan Still Workers we can install sheet piles as close as 550mm to an adjacent building or structure. (1.0m to the inside face of sheets) The system does exactly what it says on the tin. There is virtually no noise from the fully enclosed and silenced power pack. The piles are hydraulically driven without vibration into the ground with pressing forces of up to 150 tonnes. On temporary works projects the piles can be extracted with this equipment using an extracting force of up to 160 tonnes.

As the machinery is operated via a remote control at ground level it is a lot safer than traditional methods as there is no need to climb ladders or have operatives working at height.