RTG Sheet Pile Press Vibration Free Piling Technology
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RTG Sheet Pile Press

Fussey Piling is able to offer the latest developments in vibration-free pile pressing technology. The Bauer Hydropress System can be mounted on to our RTG 16T Telescopic Leader Rigs. The Hydropress drives up to 4 single piles at one time into the ground with the press.

Using either pitching chains mounted under the hydraulic jaws of the press or the winch on the top of the leader rig mast, the piles are lifted into position and the failsafe jaws securely grip the piles. Then reacting against the dead weight of the rig the piles are pressed into the ground. As driving progresses further reaction is gained from previously driven piles. Each stroke of the press can exert a force of up to 800kN per ram driving the individual sheets up to 420mm per stroke. Once the four sheets are driven up to 420mm the press retracts the rams as it is lowered down onto the piles. This process is repeated until the piles achieve the final designed head level.

This system is particularly suited to cohesive soils. When piles are required to be driven into stiff to very stiff clays pre-augering in advance of pile driving can be used to loosen the soils to achieve a more economic pile solution.

Unlike other ‘silent and vibrationless’ systems, there is no lower limit to the section or length of pile that can be installed with this system, also costly reaction stand set-ups are not required, as with the Still Worker, making this system particularly suited to small schemes. ‘U’ and ‘Z’ piles can be accommodated using this system. Please contact us to see which currently available pile sections are suitable.

Effectively ‘silent’
‘Vibration free’
Can install piles close to structures
Economic, particularly with small areas of piling
No reaction stand set-ups or water jetting