Kowman Still Worker Silent Vibration Free for Sheet Piling
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Kowan Still Worker

The Kowan Still Worker WP-150 is ‘state of the art’ in effectively silent and vibration free pile pressing techniques. It can install and withdraw 400mm, 500mm and 600mm ‘U’ section piles with a minimum of disturbance to the surrounding environment. The Still Worker is particularly suited to installation of piles in clays of up to stiff consistency but with the assistance of water jetting and/or pre-augering can tackle most soil types. It’s unique tilting mechanism enables verticality of piles to be accurately maintained.

The Still Worker operates by gripping three previously installed piles and pressing the next pile into the ground with a pressing-in force of up to 150 tonnes. Extraction of piles can also be carried out by reversing this procedure. The unit has a drawing-out force of up to 160 tonnes.

Typical noise level at 15m – 60dBA
(Pneumatic Hammer – 105dBA)

‘Vibration free’
Can install piles only 750mm away from centre line to adjacent structures
Safer, no working at height required